Governmental Affairs

photo of Jarod Mendenhall

Jarod Mendenhall, Ed.D.

Chief of Governmental Affairs
Mesquite ISD

972-882-7336 (office); 469-401-4025 (mobile)

As a public school district in Texas, Mesquite ISD is subject to decisions and acts of the several state and federal legislative bodies and agencies. The district's Office of Governmental Affairs was created to work directly with legislators and policy makers to further the interests of Mesquite ISD and its students and staff.

Dr. Mendenhall serves as the liaison to elected officials and governmental entities at the federal, state and local levels. His responsibilities include monitoring and analyzing  legislation, advising the Board of Trustees and supporting the Cabinet on legislative and policy issues, serving on local community boards and organizations, assisting with policy development and administration and carrying out special projects at the direction of the superintendent through analysis briefs, strategy development and coordinating internal and external activities.

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Resources & Information

State Legislators Representing Mesquite ISD

Candidate Responses to Questions Posed by MISD Board of Trustees:

Mesquite ISD's Legislative Priorities for the 2017 Session
Board Resolution Regarding Public School Funding (October 2017)
Board Resolution Regarding Vouchers (November 2017)
Board Resolution Regarding Economic Development (December 2017)
Board Resolution Regarding Accountability (January 2018)

Mesquite ISD Legislative Council

Mary Alsbrooks - Substitute Teacher
Wanda Bailey - Administrative Assistant
Kim Broadway - Principal
Chris Brott - Principal
Felicia Brown - Parent
Steve Bukovich - Community Member 
Kevin Carbo - Trustee
Jeff Casper - Teacher
Lana Chambless - Parent
Neris Cuellar - Parent
Liz Felton - Assistant Principal
Antonio Garcia - Administrative Assistant
Israel Garcia Jacinto - Assistant Principal
Carl Garner - Teacher
Jennifer Grady - MEA President 
Andrew Greenberg - Teacher
Chris Grubbs - Parent
Edwin Guerra - Parent
LaDonna Gulley - Principal
Jennifer Hammett - Executive Director
Jennifer Hernandez - Coordinator
Regina Jackson - Assistant Principal
Dabney Johnson - Patron
David Johnson - Principal 

Suzanne Langston - Assistant Principal
Rachel Lee - Parent
Kelly Long - Principal
Eric Masonheimer - Patron 
Kim Matchniff - Teacher
Celeste McGee - Community Member
Jarod Mendenhall - Chief of Governmental Affairs
Beth Nicholas - Deputy Superintendent
Marisa Nixon - Parent
Greg Noschese -  City Council Member
Maria Paramo - Parent
Sabrina Penalis - Parent
Jonathan Price - Parent
Eddie Rose - Trustee
Robert Seward - Trustee
Bethany Taylor - Parent
Julie Teague - Teacher 
Len Thomas - Parent
Sara Thompson - Parent, Teacher 
Shonda Tindall - Teacher
Renea Tucker - Community Member
David Vroonland - Superintendent
Sabrina Welden - Parent
Kay Young - Teacher  

Legislative Advocacy Committee Meeting Dates & Agendas

Sept. 26  Meeting
Nov. 15 Meeting
Jan. 17 Meeting

The Advocate Newsletter

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