Publicity Requests

There are always good things going on in your schools that deserve attention by the local news media. However, if you do not toot your own horn, no one will ever know of the achievements and successes at your school. It is up to you to let the community know about outstanding people, programs and events.

The Communications Department has developed a system that allows principals, teachers, and all other staff an easy avenue for getting publicity - the publicity request form. It serves as an incredible morale booster to see one's own achievements published where the entire community will see them.

Following are examples of news items warranting publicity:

  • Achievements or Awards -- Won by students, teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, bus drivers, maintenance workers, cafeteria employees, custodians and others.

  • The Unusual -- Ideas, events or situations that are out of the ordinary, whether in the classroom or, in various departments or even off campus.

  • Improvements -- New methods of teaching, new programs, updates or strides

  • made in existing programs.

  • Human Interest -- Events, situations and people news that touch the human emotion. (This is, of course, based on your judgment.) A good example is a student overcoming great odds to succeed at something.

  • Event News -- Public or in-school events such as drama productions, open houses or workshops.

To request assistance with publicizing your news item with the media or through Mesquite ISD's channels (website, social media), complete the following online form:

Need to Request Mesquite ISD Publicity Support?

Publicity Request Form

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